Why Employers Should Use Recognition

The use of recognition in the workplace is something that many employers don’t think about. But, a lot of organizations are beginning to realize how important it is to show employees their appreciation for all they do.

Employees feel more motivated and committed when given an opportunity to be recognized for their work. There have been studies done on the effectiveness of recognizing employees and the results are overwhelmingly positive. 

Even companies who offer formal rewards programs find that their recognition efforts lead to higher levels of employee engagement than those who only give rewards as part of a formal program. If you want your company’s culture to grow with positivity, then start by giving all your employees opportunities to be recognized!

Here are some key points why employers should use recognition:-

1. Recognition is a powerful motivator

Everyone likes to feel recognized for their efforts, and it is no different in the workplace. If you have been noticing that your employees are not feeling rewarded or appreciated. The power of recognition is not something that can be overlooked. Recognition is a powerful motivator for an employee. It can make work more enjoyable and give the worker confidence in their skills as they are recognized for them by their managers. Recognizing employees also helps to reduce turnover rates, which costs organizations money! Employees who feel appreciated at work will be happier with their jobs, stay longer, and have higher levels of productivity.

2. It can improve employee morale and productivity

Employee morale and productivity are some of the most important aspects to any company. They can be increased by making sure that employees feel at home in their work environment. This means providing them with a comfortable space to work, pleasant decor, and amenities such as coffee or snacks which will make them more productive when they are at their desk.

3. It’s cost-effective

The cost of a college education is rising at rates that are not sustainable. The current tuition rate for the University of California system is $12,630 per year and even with the financial aid given to students, it still leaves many families struggling to come up with the money. Many people believe that this can be solved by going back to school for a second degree. A person who has an undergraduate degree but wants graduate level work could go back to school and get a master’s in their field or go into law, medicine or business administration. This would allow them access to better jobs while also being able to pay off some loans from their undergraduate education.

4. Employees need to know they are doing a good job

In a recent survey I found that the majority of people who have jobs are not satisfied with their work.  The study also found that most people felt like they were doing a good job, but not as well as others. This is likely because they believe their boss only cares about making money and doesn’t care if the employee does well or not. It’s important for managers to keep an eye on what employees are doing and how it affects the company rather than just focusing on sales numbers. Employees need to know when they’re doing a good job so that they will continue to do great work in order to make sure your business continues thriving!

5. Routine recognition can help employees stay engaged

I want to talk about the importance of giving employees routine recognition. Recognizing people for their commitments and contributions is important in any environment, but it’s especially important in a workplace where there are so many distractions that can take away focus from work. By acknowledging and praising an employee’s efforts, you’re communicating your appreciation for them as well as reinforcing the positive behaviors they’ve exhibited. The more often you recognize someone, the more likely they’ll be to continue exhibiting those good behaviors. Routine recognition also builds trust with your team members because it shows that what each person does matters to you and is valued by others at the company too. It helps create a culture of encouragement which will help everyone stay engaged with their work. 

6. Use recognition as an ongoing process

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As a result, it becomes difficult to take time away from work or chores to give recognition as an ongoing process.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case; there are many ways that you can make it easier for yourself by recognizing your employees all year long! By doing something small like sending out monthly emails with recognition moments and encouraging people on your team who might not otherwise be recognized because their job is behind-the-scenes.

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