darkest minds sequel film

The movie was an attempt to create a darker and more twisted version of the first one. This movie is very dark and twisted in parts. Although the movie may be considered as a sequel to the original film, it is a dark fantasy film.The film was meant as a way to show that the original films weren't...

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dave season 2

It seems like I’ve been asked this question a lot in the past, and it’s not surprising. I can’t think of a better way to answer than to tell you what I’ve learned about myself, as a person, since I started writing this blog. I’ve learned that I need to be more self-aware. That I need to be...

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dark minds 2

The past week or so, I was reading the book, “Dark Minds: The Hidden Lives of the New Elite”, by Scott Alexander. This book is incredibly deep, and I had a hard time not sharing it with other readers. It’s about the very high level of consciousness and power that many people have and the fact that they...

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dark minds

I think this quote is a great reminder for those of us who feel that we have no idea how our minds work. The question I find myself asking is are we conscious? If we are, why couldn’t we be? The answer is simple, but it’s pretty hard to put into words. When we don’t feel fully ourselves,...

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danielle panabaker left the flash

danielle panabaker left the flash is the first book I had purchased when I moved into my new apartment. I’d read her article about the importance of self-awareness and self-awareness is a necessary part of mindfulness, which is the practice of becoming aware of what is going on in your daily life. It’s a practice that requires us...

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dare me season 2 cancelled

Dare me season 2! It has been so long since I could sit down and watch my favorite shows that I can't even remember the last time I did that. Plus, I have all of these new things I've been meaning to cook: The latest recipe, the most perfect meal (of the day), and the most beautiful flowers...

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cydia alternative 2020

This is my vision of cydia alternative 2020… a more vibrant, more sophisticated, more modern, more edgy, more eclectic, more modern, more sophisticated and more eclectic city.This is my vision of cydia alternative 2020 a more vibrant, more sophisticated, more sophisticated, more sophisticated, more sophisticated and more eclectic city. It's a city that was built to cater to...

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I am a woman with a body that never ceases to amaze me with the beautiful curves and curves it has. I am also a woman that knows that I am always changing. I am constantly learning my body and my mind. I am constantly becoming a better version of myself, and that is what makes me worth...

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claws.season 4

I’ve been a fan of claws.season for a long time now. With that being said, I recently read the first three seasons and I am still blown away by the writing and acting of the main characters. The only thing I can say about season 4 is that it has a more mature story line and it’s not...

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